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  • Yeyian Agile NL USB Streaming Microphone Review
  • Yeyian Agile NL USB Streaming Microphone Review



    When I first started recording the Ninjalane, and now Hardware Asylum Podcast there was a question of recording equipment.  Of course, the solution needed to be affordable but also needed to be of a certain quality and easy to use.  At first, we considered a gaming headset and while there are some really great headsets out there the microphone quality didn’t have that broadcast sound that everyone was expecting and is mostly due to the limited frequency range of the small condensers used in gaming headsets. 

    For broadcasting and streaming you really need a large diameter microphone that not only supports a wide frequency range but offers a good signal to noise ratio.  Combined, that is what can give you that high quality broadcast sound and works well to capture deep vocal tones that most gaming microphones filter out.

    In this review we will be looking at the AGILE NL Cardioid Streaming Microphone from Yeyian.  This is a USB enabled standalone microphone that offers zero latency monitoring and comes with a variety of different mounting options from a simple desktop base to adjustable boom arm.

    The Yeyian Agile NL is a very compact microphone measuring in at 6 inches tall by 2 inches wide with an attached mounting system allowing the microphone to connect to a variety of different stands. 

    Microphone controls consist of Gain for overall recording volume, Computer volume and Monitoring volume.  Pressing the Gain button will mute the microphone while pressing it again will activate recording again.

    At the bottom of the Agile NL you will find a USB-C port for connecting to your computer along with two 3.5mm headphone jacks.  These are used for Zero Latency monitoring of your recorded audio and supports up to two headsets allowing you and a guest to listen at the same time.

    As with most USB audio devices the Yeyian Agile NL will act as audio interface for both sound recording and playback.  The volume and gain controls are fully functional on a PC and can replace existing audio devices if you have more than one installed.

    To help control pops and clicks you will find two accessories included with the Agile NL including a full-sized cloth pop filter that can be mounted and positioned to suit your needs.  Not pictured is the Mic Filter or windsock that will completely cover the top of the microphone and filter out wind and air rush sounds.  Neither of these devices will eliminate the problems they are designed to address but, they will help minimize the impact while the creator is learning good microphone discipline. 

    In addition to the included desktop stand comprised of a heavy metal base and short extension you will get a fully adjustable boom arm and clamp style desk mount.  The end of the boom contains a threaded boss that will attach to the bottom of the microphone and allow you to swing the microphone away when not in use.  These boom arms also facilitate a much wider range of positioning while also freeing up gamer space.

    Usage and Conclusion

    I have used a good number of microphones over the years, some being attached to gaming headsets while others are high quality broadcast units.  They all have benefits and drawbacks based on their intended usage and target demographic.  Cost and included features are also a major factor to consider and the Yeyian Agile NL touches on every one of these points.

    Over the past several weeks I have used the Agile NL for a variety of different tasks from online gaming to standard voice over audio recording.  What I have discovered is that the Agile NL is a very close match to the Blue Yeti.  Both are condenser microphones which are very sensitive to sounds and have a similar tone to their recording.  The Yeyian Agile NL has only a single recording position and will slightly ignore sounds coming from the back and side of the microphone while the Yeti offers a variety of recording options and positions.

    In terms of size the Agile NL is very compact and lighter than expected making it a good match for the included weighted desktop stand, while being light enough to operate on the included boom arm.  Personally, I have never been a fan of boom arms as they tend to be cumbersome to use and the desk mount is never very sturdy.  However, with proper adjustment they can be usable to a certain degree.

    The overall audio quality is very warm but doesn’t have that “large diaphragm” recording tone that will pick up low vocal tones.  These tend to be muted with a preference towards mid and upper frequency ranges.  According to the specifications the Agile NL has a wide frequency range from 80Hz to 20kHz.  However, in my testing I found those ranges to be a little optimistic with more sensitivity towards the middle of the scale.

    Considering that the Yeyian Agile NL is designed for streaming the most important factor is voice quality and is something this microphone does extremely well, the recordings are very clean.  I found that the microphone is extremely sensitive and was able to pick up the sound of cars driving by and people talking in the background.  You can adjust the overall gain to minimize these background sounds and you will need to speak louder as a result.

    As I mentioned I found the Yeyian Agile NL to be very similar to other popular microphones used for streaming.  Audio quality is good and the included accessories have everything you will need to setup a decent recording studio either in a dedicated sound stage or at your gaming desk.

    While this microphone might be geared towards gamers it can be used in any situation where you need to record your voice, such as on Zoom and Skype calls.  The zero-latency monitoring ensures that your voice can be clearly heard while also alerting you to any background sounds that might be coming across.

    Good Things

    Great Sound Quality
    Sensitive Microphone Condenser
    Includes Boom Arm and Desktop Stand
    Zero Latency Monitoring
    Dual Headphone Jacks
    USB-C Connection
    Includes Pop Filter and Wind Sock

    Bad Things

    Sensitive microphone condenser
    Short reach on boom arm
    Desktop stand is not height adjustable