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  • Fast Track to Gen X - Speed Simplified a Aorus Z790 X Refresh
  • Fast Track to Gen X - Speed Simplified a Aorus Z790 X Refresh


    The new Z790 X Motherboard Lineup

    Currently there are eight Z790 X Motherboards planned for this release and five of those will be available at your favorite online retailer after launch. 

    Z790 Aorus Xtreme X

    I do love the Xtreme line of motherboards, they often feature some of the most advanced features available.  The Z790 Aorus Xtreme X comes with an integrated OLED screen for showing system vitals and ideally custom graphics as well.  The board also comes with a sturdy backplate and one of the largest M.2 NVMe heatsinks I have ever seen.

    Z790 Aorus Master X

    This is your mainstream enthusiast grade motherboard, similar to the Xtreme with a few less bells and whistles.

    Z790 Aorus Pro X

    This board is amazing and occupies the sweet spot when it comes to features.  The Pro X board is also the only motherboard with a completely white PCB.  This is one of the first all white motherboards from Gigabyte and it looks super sharp.

    One of the builds on display featured the Aorus Z790 Pro X showing off the new Sensor Panel Link interface which allows internal connectivity to sensor panels such as the one shown here.

    Z790 Aorus Elite X Wifi7

    Elite motherboards are some of the bestselling boards in the Aorus lineup due to their available features and appropriate price. 

    All of the motherboards up to this point come equipped with WiFi 7 onboard with support for some amazing transfer speeds up to 5.8Gb/s

    Z790 Aorus Elite X AX

    This mainstream motherboard is very similar to the Elite X Wifi 7 but comes with Wifi 6E and a downgrade to the onboard coolers.  Still extremely fast and a great option for the budget builders out there.