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  • The Evolution of the EVGA Dark Series
  • The Evolution of the EVGA Dark Series


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 33:13

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    Originally recorded November 2020

    Over the years hardware makers have based their product designs on whatever was happening in the enthusiast PC world.  When the Crypto mining craze exploded many motherboard makers designed motherboards to support a multitude of graphics cards without modification.  While this is a drastic example it speaks to how hardware makers look to the users of their products for direction on what to build next.

    Back in the early 2000’s overclocking hit the mainstream and companies like Abit and DFI were building custom motherboards that would allow users to easily tweak their hardware without needing to switch jumpers or modify the motherboard.  They could enter the system BIOS and make changes as they saw fit and from there an entire demographic was born, overclocking competitions were big news and it gave enthusiasts a reason to buy high-end hardware.

    While overclocking specific hardware has largely been replaced with gaming focused products there are still options to make performance tweaks and many high-end motherboards come with an LN2 mode.  However from the end user perspective they are no longer separated into a specific group but, EVGA is keeping this tradition alive with their Dark Edition motherboards. 

    Currently there are only four Dark Edition motherboards starting with the X79 Dark and ending with the Z490 Dark and in this episode we talk about them all.  Be sure to check out the review articles linked below.

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