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  • How I got into 3D Printing using a Creality CR-10V3
  • How I got into 3D Printing using a Creality CR-10V3


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 34:32

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    Originally recorded March 2022

    Show Notes

    One great thing about holiday shopping is the plethora of deals you can get on tech gadgets.  Dennis was lucky enough to find an amazing deal on a Creality CR-10V3 and played a little e-commerce game where when the official site was out of stock but found another site with the same deal and no purchase limitation.

    In this episode the duo talk about setting up a 3D Printer and while the Creality CR-10V3 was shipped in pieces it was also semi assembled making the setup process extremely easy.  The first print was not without issue but looked extremely good and after a little fine tuning was able to produce flawless prints across a variety of different models.

    Given that Dennis has been trained as an Architect he is no stranger to precision drafting and 3d models so creating the source material is a rather simple process.  However, converting those models to 3D prints can be a little overwhelming and is where a quality slicer program like Simplify3D comes in.  It might not allow you the same control as other slicers it does help you quickly convert STL files into working gcode.

    Of course, the mark of a well refined 3D model and the principles of Rapid Prototyping is the amazing pile of “cast offs”.  These are incomplete prints that are used to determine proper hole placement and size adjustments.  If anyone tells you they can make a perfect 3D Print the first try, they are lying.

    Be sure to check out the Hardware Asylum YouTube channel or more awesome 3D Printed projects.

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