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  • Attending Seafair in Seattle for Fast Boats Faster Planes and Classic Sound Cards
  • Attending Seafair in Seattle for Fast Boats Faster Planes and Classic Sound Cards


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 28:42

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    Originally recorded September 2023

    Show Notes

    In the main show this month the duo got way in the technical weeds for the launch of the Z790 X from Aorus and while new motherboard technology is pretty exciting stuff it can be a little dry at times.  To change things up Dennis talks about his recent trip to Seattle to attend the Seafair 2023 festival.  For Seattle natives this is a long-standing event centered around Hydroplane racing to conclude the H1 Unlimited hydroplane season.

    A racing event and airshow can be difficult to describe but, is something everyone should experience as you might learn something.  For instance, Dennis learned that Hydroplanes cannot turn using a rudder alone and its not a speed thing but rather a fundamental aspect of how Hydroplanes are built and glide across the water.  For a traditional boat or even a jet ski, when you want to turn the boat carves itself into the water and uses that to change direction.  However, given that a hydroplane is gliding across the top of the water it needs a little help to change direction.

    A skid fin (or turning fin) is a large heavy gauge metal plate that attaches to the hull of the boat and extends into the water.  Normally this plate provides very little resistance though, when the rudder is engaged it rotates the boat and pushes it into the skid fin.  The new resistance allows the boat to push against the water and execute the turn.

    If the skid fin is damaged or breaks away from the boat then it will continue to drive straight with very little control until the boat slows down and is off plane.

    This facilitating bit of technology is extremely simple in its design and is the one thing that enables this type of racing to be possible.  So, remember even the smallest thing can have a profound impact on your success of failure.

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    Episode 151 featured music:
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