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  • More LN2 Adventures with the X299 Dark and 980Ti KPE
  • More LN2 Adventures with the X299 Dark and 980Ti KPE


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 34:22

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    Originally recorded April 2018

    Show Notes

    Expanding the LN2 Experience
    After the Boise LAN it would turn out that Dennis still had a LOT of LN2 left over and as they say you can’t just leave LN2, you must use it or lose it.  So, in an attempt to get the most out of what was left he went old school and a little extreme.

    For this adventure the system was pretty simple.

    • EVGA X299 Dark
    • Intel Core i9 7900X
    • GeIL EVO X Memory
    • EVGA GTX 980 Ti Kingpin Edition
    • 1200W PSU
    • SSD

    LN2 containers on both CPU and GPU

    Everything on the test bench was designed for extreme overclocking.  The 980Ti KPE is a card that requires only a BIOS flash to run under LN2 and really starts waking up at 2000Mhz.  The same goes for the X299 Dark as it was also designed for extreme overclocking and while it runs perfectly well under standard air/water cooling to really experience its full potential you have to go cold.

    This podcast is all about the overclocking adventure along with a detailed account of the issues you encounter overclocking old hardware.  Something about a cold bug that wasn’t really a bug but rather a driver update from NVIDIA that effectively disabled the 980Ti KPE from doing what it was designed to do.


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