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  • Amazing Overclocking Adventures with LN2
  • Amazing Overclocking Adventures with LN2


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 39:11

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    Originally recorded March 2019

    Show Notes

    First of we have to apologize the Podcast Extra for the Month of March 2019 was behind schedule due to an extremely busy social calendar split between setting up for Boise LAN 9.0 and Hackfort.  While it seems trivial that a LAN party and tech conference would consume so much of our time it really comes down to preparation. 

    For the LAN party Dennis typically puts together a custom build that allows him to game and show off.  This year was no exemption and really carried a little more weight since the build would be shown off at two shows.  There was also an LN2 demo that demanded some dedication both in setting up the rig and also running it through the paces to ensure that it would perform as expected in front of a live crowd.  There is nothing worse than having a demonstration fail due to bad planning.

    In this episode the duo go over a list of highlights of the demonstrations done at Boise LAN, shown below.

    1. Podcast Scavenger Hunt
    2. DICE Cooling
    3. Sleeper Build
    4. 3-Way Phase
    5. Z97 LN2 @ 6Ghz
    6. X299 7740X @ 6Ghz
    7. Z390 9900K @ 6.2Ghz

    And then roll into some Hackfort discussion that may or may not have been accurately addressed during the public panel and on the expo floor.  These questions are below.

    1. Collectable hardware
    2. AMD VS Intel / AMD vs Nvidia
    3. The overclocking triangle, balancing voltage/temperature/frequency
    4. Small computer cases that support a full length graphics card
    5. Differences between the EVGA 1080 Classified and 1080Ti. (maybe Ti Classified?)
    6. Watercooling safety
    7. Catastrophic failure with an AIO watercooler 

    Overall we had a great time at these local events and while it did put us behind on our Hardware Asylum duties we wouldn’t have had it any other way.

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    Episode 97 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)