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  • Lian Li PC6 Case Review
  • Lian Li PC6 Case Review


    Case Layout and Features Cont.

    External controls are located across the top/front of the PC-6.  Ports are nicely hidden behind a small aluminum door.  Lian Li provides a series of aftermarket upgrades for these ports allowing you to change the configuration to suit your individual needs.  The included configuration is 2 x USB 3.0 ports and your two HD audio ports.
    The back panel is the only external surface not finished in black.  Exhaust duties are handled by a single 120mm fan mounted in a full cage and held in place by a set of rubber mounts.
    Like most modern cases, the PC-6 includes a set of rubber grommets for external liquid cooling tubes.  This set will hold 3/4 inch tubing if you can squeeze it in.  The top can be removed with two screws for replacement or modding making it easy to add additional fan or mount a radiator
    The bottom surface offers louver like venting for the bottom mounted power supply.  Venting is protected by a simple to remove and clean fine seal mesh.  The hard drive is mounted on rubber rails to reduce vibration as well.  Large rubber feet provide clearance and a solid foundation for hard surfaces.

    There are a lot of additional mounting holes on the bottom, inside and back of the PC-6.  Although Lian Li does offer optional drive cage kits and the like, these holes offer some interesting opportunities to add internal mountings for your water cooling pumps or anything else you want hidden away inside.