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  • Lian Li PC6 Case Review
  • Lian Li PC6 Case Review



    It is simply impossible to review the PC-6 without going on and on about the build quality.  Everything component just fits and is just where you expect it to be.  After working with a string of Steel cases the all-Aluminum construction is a delight.  Nothing flexes and the finished build is so much lighter to lug around to LAN parties and such.

    The size, drive configuration and cooling options may not fit every build but the PC-6 hits the typical build dead on.  Nothing gaudy or unnecessary is included.  There are additional accessories available direct from Lian Li for customization or to compliment higher end builds.  In my opinion, you should jump to the enthusiast line of Lian Li cases if your build is demanding.  However, for a typical gaming rig or standard desktop the PC-6 should give you everything you need.

    Generally speaking Lian Li cases are more expensive than other cases in the same category.  The simple truth is you do get what you pay for.  If you prefer the lights and exotic styling of other cases, this case is not for you.  If you prefer a solid, quality case that will last through several builds without looking brash or dated, you have come to the right place.
    Good Things
    All Aluminum
    Outstanding build quality
    Factory offered customization options
    8 external PCI slots
    Plenty of interior room for oversize components
    Sound deadening/anti-vibration options included
    Beautiful brushed black finish
    Bad Things
    More expensive
    Limited cooling options
    Minimal drive bays for its class