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  • SilverStone Fara H1M Pro Case Review
  • SilverStone Fara H1M Pro Case Review


    Case Layout and Features Continued

    Planning a successful mini-ATX build is all about managing the space available. The H1M will support CPU coolers up to 160mm and video cards up to 160mm with the 3.5mm cage installed and 250mm without it. Fortunately even the RTX 3080 Ti cards run about 285mm (11.2 inches).

    Following recent trends, Silverstone separates the top section from the bottom of the case creating a basement space for the drives and power supply.  The dividing surface is a nice mesh to help with airflow and has several openings for cable routing.

    The basement allows room for all standard sized ATX power supplies while keeping them hidden from view through the window. The included case will hold two drives in a double 3.5” configuration or a mix of a single 3.5” drive and a 2.5” drive bringing the overall support to 4 total drives supported. Another removable mesh filter helps keep the power supply clean.

    The mesh front panel snaps off easily and features roughly an inch of space for venting in front of the fans from both the front surface and the generous side vents.  Another removable magnetic mesh filter protects the front fans and the primary air intake.

    The SilverStone Fara H1M Pro comes with three black and white 120mm Silverstone ARGB fans installed. A total of 5 fans are supported without modding the case. Two more 120mm fans can be added to the top or the front fans can be moved to the top allowing for two larger 140mm fans up front.

    Building a water-cooled setup in a case this small is a bit more challenging but can be done with proper planning! A single 120mm radiator can be setup in the front or back fan locations or a longer 240mm radiator up front is possible provided that the radiator is not too wide.  Just remember to allow room for the tubes.

    One thing that is a bit harder to see in pictures is the mounting locations for the front fans.  When two 120mm or 140mm fans are installed, the bottom fan is mounted partially in the basement. While this does provide some nice airflow through the area, and up through the ample mesh floor, it does mean mounting a 240mm radiator will place it in both compartments reducing tube placement options.