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  • Thermaltake Overseer RX-1 Case Review
  • Thermaltake Overseer RX-1 Case Review


    Case Layout and Features

    The front of the Overseer is one of the tamer Thermaltake designs we have seen lately.  Case design is always a matter of personal taste but some of the enthusiast cases are simply too gaudy for me.  The Overseer's four external drive bays are framed by the blue accents and even the lower high air flow venting is accented by textures molded into the mesh.  The shiny Tt logo is the only concession to the theme and it works.
    The right side of the case is clean with an additional ½ inch or so pushed out.  This does double duty by allowing additional clearance behind the motherboard and drive chassis for cabling and airflow.  It's not quite deep enough to mount an additional fan but the smooth surface is almost begging for a cut out or a vinyl accent.
    In contrast the left side has a lot more going on.  The same push out is present only this time with a large 200mm vent for additional airflow.  This oversize fan is optional but the fan location is well situated to cool your components and is protected by a fine mesh to help reduce dust buildup.

    The plastic window provides an interesting accent that offers a glimpse into the case but stops short of revealing all of your components.  The window is molded to mirror the accents of the front and top panels and is pushed out slightly further than the door its self.  I can easily see the addition of the right fan, blue of course, providing a massive boost to the airflow without sacrificing much to the noise level.