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  • Asetek Gen 4 AIO Cooler Review Roundup
  • Asetek Gen 4 AIO Cooler Review Roundup


    Asetek AIO Cooler

    There are several AIO watercoolers on the market today and just about every component manufacture sells them.  Unlike in the WaterChill days Asetek doesn’t sell their coolers in the retail market instead they offer coolers to OEMs (like the ones in this review) or will white box them to companies like Corsair and Thermaltake. 

    Asetek also has an industrial division and will offer AIO watercooling solutions to datacenters but, that is a discussion for another review.

    The real question is?  How do I know if my cooler is and Asetek brand or something else.  Answer:  Look at the pump block combo.  If it is round with little plastic fingers you have an Asetek cooler.  For instance Corsair sells an AIO cooler with a square pump block, this is a Coolit Unit.  Silverstone sells their own design and cooler master has a whole series of coolers and recently got in trouble over them.

    An AIO cooler is extremely simple in that it has very few moving parts and requires zero maintenance over its lifetime.  While cooler failure can be a real concern the rates are quite low and will usually follow audible noise from the pump.  Anyone saying otherwise is obviously not paying attention. 

    The coolers in this review are:
    Asetek 550LC – A 120mm unit with a 27mm thick radiator
    Asetek 570LX – A 240mm unit with a 38mm thick radiator
    Asetek 590LX – A 360mm unit with a 27mm thick radiator

    As a reference I’m using a Thermaltake Water 2.0 Pro which is basically an older Asetek 570LC with a 120mm x 49mm thick radiator.

    The OEM version of these coolers comes with thermal paste but, that was removed and replaced with Noctua compound for the entire test.