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  • Cooler Master MasterFan Halo2 ARGB Fan Review
  • Cooler Master MasterFan Halo2 ARGB Fan Review


    Performance and Conclusion

    Testing fans is almost as subjective as testing headphones and speakers.  Every situation is different and everyone has a different list that they care about.  For testing I used the 140mm Halo2 in black in a variety of different situation from simulated case cooling to operating the radiator on an AIO.

    In both situations the Halo2 performed extremely well offering a decent amount of airflow for good case venting and cooled well when directed at the RTX4070 Founders Edition on the test bench.  The fan was PWM controlled and would react to varying loads on the CPU.  At no time was the fan excessively loud but you could tell that the speed was changing. 

    When it comes to ARGB lighting, I have to admit that the Halo2 is one of the best fans I have ever used.  The lighting across the fan blades is extremely smooth with no noticeable gaps between the individual LED lights.  The outer ring offered a similar lighting profile that offered a smooth transition in lighting animation with the right amount of gap between the ring lights and the fan blades.


    As I mentioned early in this review I have used a great number of fans and even dedicated a video to a real world testing method for computer fans that helps to illustrate why certain features are important and how performance is often a balance between a number of different factors.

    The Cooler Master MasterFan Halo 2 fans are some of the most balanced fans designs I have ever used.  They have an excellent lighting profile with Addressable RGB lights located in the center hub and in the fan frame providing lighting effects from two LED light strips at different ends of the fan.

    These lighting effects combined with the various details found on the Halo 2 fans makes them a great replacement option for any computer system from normal case venting to CPU cooling.  The improved PWM controller delivers more RPM while consuming less power and the new beveled edge on the light ring provides more light while giving the fan a very elegant appearance.