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  • DeepCool Mystique 360 AIO Watercooler Review
  • DeepCool Mystique 360 AIO Watercooler Review



    With the RGB craze dying down many hardware makers have started looking for other ways to make the products stand out.  Over the past year we have been checking out quite a few “digital” products from DeepCool that feature digital displays.  These displays have been rather simplistic in their design and often only showing a system temperature.  Companies do this for a variety of reasons and I suspect these were done to sample the market and determine how they should proceed.

    In this review we will be looking at the DeepCool Mystique 360 AIO Watercooler.  This cooler is part of their Mystique Series and is a High Performance 360mm AIO Liquid Cooler for modern desktop PCs.  As the name suggests this cooler features a 360mm or, triple 120mm fan, radiator and is matched up with a really amazing pumpblock with a Digital LCD on top.

    This cooler features a 5th generation pump design intended to maximize efficiency with increased power and low operational noise of 21dB(A).  The new pump design features an efficient 3-phase, 6-slot 4-pole mother that rotates up to 3400rpm.  Under normal operation I noticed that our particular pump was louder than expected making it noticeable especially when the PWM fan signals were adjusting the pump speed.

    With the new pump design there is a new cold plate that has been optimized for better heat transfer with 0.1mm channels.  This specification was taken from the DeepCool marketing material, given that I have not taken the AIO apart we will just have to trust them.  Thermal compound has bee pre-applied to help make installation faster and protected by a solid plastic cover to help keep your clothes clean.

    We have seen this particular 360mm radiator before on the DeepCool LS720 AIO with a few decorative upgrades where the hoses attach to the radiator tanks.

    I should also mention that the three 120mm FT12 SE fans were already installed and ready to go out of the box.  These fans feature Fluid Dynamic Bearings with the same motor specs of the new 5th generation pump, 3-Phase, 6-Slot, 4-Pole design allowing the fans to spin between 500 and 2150rpm pushing 72 cfm of airflow at full tilt with a noise profile of 36dB(A).

    Overall, some very nice fans which are daisy chained together for easy cable management.  The only major difference is that these fans are not ARGB enabled.

    While the fans may not have any ARGB lights, we make up for that with a digital pump block.  The DeepCool Mystique 360 features an amazing 2.8” TFT LCD panel across the top featuring a sharp 640x480 resolution along with a full 16.7M colors being available.

    There are also ARGB lights under the screen which can sync with your normal ARGB lighting controllers and/or motherboard software or it can become an integral part when used with the software controlling the 2.8” TFT LCD panel.

    More on the software later