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  • ModMyMods ModPaste Thermal Compound Review
  • ModMyMods ModPaste Thermal Compound Review



    Our testing method is what I could consider “real world”.  We are using real hardware in a typical setting and while the test system was in an open bench the variables were monitored.   To remove influence from the cooler the two 140mm fans on the Alphacool radiator were pushed to 100% and Prime95 was run using Small FFTs until three loops had completed.  Ambient temp was also monitored to ensure that the intake air remained the same throughout the tests.

    For the record
    Ambient Air Temp: 18c
    Intel 10900k clocked at 5.0Ghz @ 1.3v Core

    The ModMyMods MP-9 ModPaste is a very fluid thermal compound.  It comes out very thin and spreads extremely well.  During my testing I never noticed the paste to become hard or difficult to remove which would indicate that there is no expected cure time required unlike with the Artic Silver Ceramique 2.  Once my testing was complete the thermal compound was easily cleaned up with tissue paper leaving a completely clean surface. 

    Given that the ModPaste is an oil based thermal compound I can easily see how it will remain fluid throughout its lifespan similar to many of the Artic Silver offerings and yet, will not require isopropyl alcohol to clean it up.

    Some final thoughts around the MP-9 ModPaste.  This compound isn’t designed for subzero cooling but some seem well suited for standard air and watercooling setups.  It also appears well suited for many electronic situations such as mosfet cooling given the good performance and low electrical conductivity.  The overall packing and presentation is by far the best I have seen in the market and the unique precision provided by a 14GA blunt needle tip is a welcome accessory.

    Good Things

    Easy to Install
    Spreads Extremely well
    Basically Non-Conductive
    Oil Based Binder
    Borosilicate Glass Syringe
    14GA Blunt Needle Tip Applicator
    Available in 2.5g

    Bad Things

    Not good for LN2
    Pretty average when it comes to thermals
    Only a single size available

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    ModMyMods ModPaste Thermal Compound Review