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  • Cherry G80-3000 MX Board Silent Keyboard Review
  • Cherry G80-3000 MX Board Silent Keyboard Review


    MX Board Silent Keyboard Layout and Features

    I don’t often mention the packaging in a review.  It just has so little bearing on most enthusiast purchases.  The Cherry G80 packaging is worth mentioning due to its Spartan packaging.  It is clear that Cherry is not targeting the usual gaming crowd.  Heck, there is no RGB option!

    Surprisingly there is just one picture of the product and a short description of each available Cherry key type on the back alongside the required feature list.  I believe it is safe to say Cherry isn’t trying to compete with the Strafe.  They appear to be going for the discerning office worker.

    The G80-3000 design is large and simple with no extra macro keys. Not even multimedia controls!  The overall size measures in at 470x195x44 mm (18.5″x7.67″x1.73″) and feels sturdy at 935g (2.0 lbs.).  The housing is finished in a textured black plastic with the only decoration going to the Red Cherry logo on the top left.  If you are used to your mechanicals in all their gaudy RGB glory the M80 has a classy simplicity that some might find an appealing alternative.

    Connectivity is handled by a 1.75 m (~5.75 ft) plastic cable and a PS/2 adapter is included for older systems.  Two small plastic feet will give the G80 another half inch of tilt if needed but there is a pretty decent amount right out of the box.

    The key caps are finished in a matching black and feel sturdy to the touch.  I imagine the G80 would make a nice foundation for those fond of custom key cap combinations.

    A standard 10-key setup rounds out the layout beneath the typical Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock indicator lights. These light up in a blue color that is easy to see without being bright. 

    Honestly the G80 represents the perfect no nonsense 104 key design so well it’s uncanny.