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  • Cherry G80-3930 MX 6.0 Keyboard Review
  • Cherry G80-3930 MX 6.0 Keyboard Review


    Cherry G80 MX 6 Keyboard Layout and Features

    So how do you package up all this technology if you are Cherry?  Keep it pure and avoid any unneeded gimmicks!  Cherry mounts the G80 in a solid brushed aluminum frame that is ergonomically tilted for comfortable typing and is quite a bit heavier than expected.

    The G80 comes in the traditional 104+4 key layout with the four additional keys above the ten key.  No spacing is wasted giving a slim 482 x 237 x 70 mm (17.87″ x5.78″ x 1.1″) footprint without the wrist rest.

    Two small plastic feet will give the G80 another half inch of tilt if needed but there is a pretty decent amount of angle right out of the box. A simple fabric sleeve helps protect the keyboard and makes a nice slip case style cover for those of us prone to traveling with our systems.

    Laser cut ABS keys are recessed into the shell for a lower profile and more traditional appearance.  This also helps control the famous Cherry red switch noise.  Each of the Cherry MX red keys feature gold Crosspoint precision key switches, still the best on the market. Made in Germany of course.

    The twelve function keys do double duty to unlock additional keyboard functions, as expected.  The four extra keys over the ten key provide media control with the trademark Cherry key to provide Windows key deactivation

    Connectivity is handled by a thick 2 m (~6.56 ft) braded cable with a gold plated connector. Six non-slip pads keep things firmly in place even with the feet extended.

    The cable is not detachable and uses a locking system to hold it firmly in place.  The cable can run out the back or to each side using the cable channels shown here.  I am always a fan of detachable cables, especially in this price point, but we can trust Cherry to over engineer the cable to ensure durability!