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  • Cherry G80-3930 MX 6.0 Keyboard Review
  • Cherry G80-3930 MX 6.0 Keyboard Review


    Cherry G80-3930 MX 6.0 Testing and Conclusion

    I tested the Cherry G80-3930 MX 6.0 Keyboard back to back with HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and a Sound BlasterX Vanguard K08 featuring the latest OMRON switches.  Right out of the box the Cherry MX reds feel like a dependable old friend. Every key stroke is solid and predictable. I noticed the slight difference in the sound signature when compared to my recently reviewed HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.  The G80 sounds quieter making me ponder the need for the newer Silent MX switches.

    Against the latest Creative OMRON switches the Cherry MX Reds showed the reason they remain on top with actuation difference requiring little force to register.  The OMRON switches may not be the best comparison as they match up more evenly with the Cherry MX Brown switches but the sound signature is definitely louder. 

    I put about two weeks into the use of the Cherry G80-3930 MX 6.0 Keyboard as both my daily driver and on my gaming rig.  Returning to a good Cherry Red keyboard is always a smooth transition.  I am sorry to say I cannot put a measure on the RealKey technology as I am simply not that fast a typist!  The sound signature is quieter than I am used to from my recent run of top mounted designs, even the Cherry Reds! As expected the smooth actuation of the Cherry MX Blacks is dependable and precise.


    Cherry’s engineers have really pushed the limits of the Cherry MX key switch to a new level with the G80-3930 MX 6.0.  As a flagship keyboard design, the entire package feels confidently over engineered if a bit soft on features. The RealKey technology reminds me of a high end sports car, I may not need it, but it’s nice to know it is there! The Cherry G80-3930 MX 6.0 Keyboard is solid and comfortable right out of the box. 

    In this price point it is unusual to not have some sort of software or customization but that’s not Cherry’s strong point.  The G80-3930 MX 6.0 is simply well built and a joy to use.

    As an enthusiast keyboard solution the Cherry G80-3930 MX 6.0 Keyboard seems targeted at users craving performance with no need for software/macros found in most high end mechanical offerings.  I know most enthusiasts don’t bother with them but the competition is fierce. I recently called the G80-3000 the solid performer with a basic design.  With the G80-3930 MX 6.0, Cherry brings the core enthusiast functionality to the show with a build quality most manufacturers simply won’t match. No bring on the Silent RGB options!

    Good Things

    Cherry MX Switches
    Real Key Technology
    Full N-Key rollover
    Solid Aluminum construction
    Adjustable RED LED lighting

    Bad Things

    No macros/Software
    No detachable Cable
    Currently only available in Cherry Red w/Red LED
    Priced higher than most full featured keyboards