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  • Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review
  • Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review


    Testing and Conclusion

    I tested the Cooler Master Lite L keyboard and mouse over a good week of working on the site and gaming.  Moving from a full mechanical keyboard with brown Cherry MX switches to the Lite L was smoother than anticipated.  The mem-chanical keys do mimic the mechanical switched pretty well.  I did find I was pushing for the actuation point a bit more but this could be the lingering effect of the browns softer actuation.  I can say the lack of a wrist rest coupled with the higher mechanical style of the keys made me fish around for a soft pad and would suggest it as a pretty cheap add-on for future versions.  Overall I came away impressed with the extra stability edging out my favorite membrane keyboards even in some higher price points.

    Using the mouse proved a bit less of an impression.  I found it an adequate design with some good looking lights.  I did long for at least some side texture and a bit more control over the Optical AVAGO 3050 sensor and the weight. 

    It does perform well and should have a long life thanks to the Omnicron switches and the safe sensor selection.  Is it better than OEM? Yes!  It’s even better than those fancy no name gaming mice that are a dime a dozen at LAN events.  But I would still recommend a good gaming mouse purchase if the budget allows.


    Overall Cooler Master has a solid entry in the new mem-chanical keyboard category they have helped create.  For an enthusiast comfortable with a membrane design this is an attractive option to up your game with a solid RGB keyboard and a gaming mouse to match.  You get a solid build, great color and won’t break the bank. 

    If you have kids getting serious about their builds for the first time the Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L setup is exactly what they are looking for while Enthusiasts will probably look towards Cooler Master’s more advanced keyboards.  That said, I would find it difficult to recommend a membrane keyboard ever again.

    Good Things

    Cherry MX Key Cap compatibility
    Great looking RGB lighting
    Solid build quality
    Great Value

    Bad Things

    No wrist rest for keyboard
    No software customization
    Simple mouse design
    No texture or grip on the mouse