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  • EpicGear DeFiant Mechanical Keyboard Set Review
  • EpicGear DeFiant Mechanical Keyboard Set Review



    One of the oldest input devices for a modern computer has been the keyboard.  First sampled from the typerwriter the computer keyboard is a way to translate human input into signals the computer can understand.  If you get enough of them in the correct order you can create elaborate programs and scripts to make the computer do whatever you want.  The interesting thing about keyboards is that while technological advancements have allowed us to do “more” with these devices they are still just a collection of switches.

    In this review I’ll be looking at a new gaming keyboard set from EpicGear called the DeFiant Mechanical Keyboard Set.  The collection is centered on the new DeFiant gaming keyboard and built using a completely modular approach that allows you to attach gaming accessories and even modify the keyboard itself.

    The DeFiant Mechanical Keyboard is very unique in that it is using their own brand of mechanical switches they call EG MMS.  MMS or "Modular Matrix Structure" are hot-swappable modular key switches that can be physically removed, cleaned and replaced using the 2 in 1 pulling tool.  This feature is an evolutionally step in mechanical keyboard design by finally allowing users to tweak and tune their keyboard to be exactly what they want.


    LED backlit with on-the-fly programmable per-key-lighting
    EG MMS - Modular-matrix Structure mechanical keyswitches
    1000Hz extreme-polling, adjustable 125/250/500/1000Hz
    Fully programmable keys
    Extreme anti-ghosting
    N-key rollover: 10-key
    System audio volume control wheel with one-touch mute
    Dedicated GUI software with 4 customizable gaming profiles
    Gaming mode option, Windows key deactivation
    Gaming grade braided cables
    Approx. dimension: 455x167x26 mm      
    Approx. weight: 1000g
    2 year manufacture warranty

    EG MMS Switch types:
    EG Grey – linear
    EG Orange – tactile
    EG Purple – tactile & audible click

    EG MMS Switches Specifications:
    EG MMS - Modular-matrix Structure mechanical switches
    Actuation Force: 50g
    Actuation Point: 1.5±0.2mm
    Bottom Travel: 4mm
    Life Span: 70-million keystrokes
    High-strength alloy contact plates
    Double-blade contact points, patented
    Dual-cross contacting area, patented
    30µ gold plated contacting area