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  • EpicGear Morpha X Modular Gaming Mouse Review
  • EpicGear Morpha X Modular Gaming Mouse Review


    Mouse Layout and Features

    The EpicGear Morpha X features a very square shape.  From the top the mouse looks like a pill or capsule however, from the side you can clearly see a very smooth arc that is higher in the back near where your palm rests and slowly tapers down to the front of the mouse.  The shell is completely smooth with the only noticeable edges occurring where the cover meets the side of the mouse.

    Both sides feature a raised disk textured rubber to help give the mouse more grip and should help the grip surface last longer by resisting wear.

    You will find a total of seven buttons on the EpicGear Morpha X gaming mouse.  Two thumb activated buttons are located on the left side of the mouse.  Two buttons in the middle control profile and DPI settings while a third is activated by pressing down on the mouse wheel.

    The last two are the traditional right and left mouse buttons and are also replaceable using the EpicGear MSS (Modular Switch Structure). Six of the buttons are programmable using the EpicGear software across five selectable profiles.  Each profile is visually identifiable by color using the RGB color effects.

    As with most quality gaming peripherals the USB cable has a gold plated connector, great for high humidity situations and a nice cloth braid for extra durability.  Not cat proof but pretty close.

    Along the bottom of the mouse you’ll find a center mounted image sensor and a total of three PTFE mouse feet.  I found these to be very slick on hard surfaces however, on my traditional fabric pad they seemed to offer more resistance than I was wanting.  I believe that larger pads may help with this or, the mouse might need to be broken in a little longer.