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  • Roccat Kone XTD Gaming Mouse Review
  • Roccat Kone XTD Gaming Mouse Review


    Mouse Software and Accessories

    The default weight is ~123g not including the cord.  Four 5g weights are included in a pocket friendly carrying case.  As with my Kone (+) the weight feels pretty good right out of the box but adding a single 5g weight puts things right back where I am used to them.  Coupled with the larger Teflon feet and the Kone[+] flowed across the pad.  The XTD now comes with a braded cover on the USB cable in an unexpected upgrade.  Nice. 

    Also featured on the XTD are the ROCCAT Talk and Talk FX systems coupling ROCCAT mice and keyboards together and Easy-Shift[+] providing unparalleled flexibility by allowing the same keys to be reused at the touch of a button.

    Roccat Software

    The software has been updated slightly for the XTD but is immediately familiar in blue and silver.  Driver and Firmware versions are displayed at the top of the window with settings set across 6 tabs.  Individual game profiles can be setup along the bottom.

    With the XTD ROCCAT has improved sensor engine from 6000 DPI to a fully adjustable 8200DPI Pro-Aim (R3) Sensor.  The sampling rate can set from an initial 200 dpi upward in 200 DPI increments.  Five presets can be configured for on the fly DPI adjustments via the mouse buttons.

    The Button Assignment Tab is where all the customization occurs.  Thanks to the Easy-Shift[+] system each button can have two functions resulting in a total of 22 functions at any time.  Each of the buttons can be assigned manually or through the selection of common functions offered by the dropdown.  The ROCCAT Macro Manager is available to create macros manually or using one of the presets for the included game types.