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  • Ballistix Sport AT 3000Mhz CL17 DDR4 Dual Channel Memory Review
  • Ballistix Sport AT 3000Mhz CL17 DDR4 Dual Channel Memory Review


    Ballistix Sport AT 3000Mhz Memory Overview

    The heatspreader found on the Sport AT features a black anodized finish and wraps around the module.  Every detail is embossed into the heatspreader with some decorative vents across the top.  This design offers style and rigidity without adding excess weight while soaking up excess heat from normal operation. 

    In terms of overall height the module measures a little over 1.75 inches tall which makes them the same as the older TridentX module at its highest point.  Keeping module height to a minimum is important for this segment given that the target demographic is not guaranteed to be using AIO cooling.

    Graphics are screen printed to each module and from there you can clearly see the ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance graphical influence.  The strips are very precise in their placement to mimic the graphics on the TUF Z370 motherboards.  What you will also notice is that these graphics are very bold when viewed as a group and yet tasteful to prevent them from looking bad when installed on other motherboards. 

    In my opinion this is the perfect balance for this product and one of the best looking implementations as of this review.  I feel that I should also call out that Corsair has yet to submit a design and many of the other designs feel unfinished.

    As this segment grows there will likely be more vendors onboard and even more options to choose from.