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  • GeIL Super Luce RGB Sync RAM CL16 3000MHz 16GB Review
  • GeIL Super Luce RGB Sync RAM CL16 3000MHz 16GB Review


    GeIL Super Luce RGB Sync 3000Mhz Memory Overview

    The heatspreader found on the Super Luce is very unique and features a black anodized finish and wraps around the module.  The heatspreader is very light and quite a bit taller than you might expect.  Most of the extra height is for the RGB lighting diffuser and special swooping bird design.

    In terms of overall height the module measures almost 2 inches tall which makes them taller than most modules on the market.  Keeping module height to a minimum is important for a budget segment as the target demographic is not guaranteed to be using AIO cooling.  However, on the flipside these modules are RGB enabled and covering them with a heatsink is a little counter-intuitive.

    Graphics are screen printed to each module and have a distinct ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance graphical influence, at least in the middle.  In addition to the TUF graphics you can make out a SL logo standing for Super Luce and more of that “flying bird” design near the diffuser.

    GeIL was one of the launch partners for the ASUS TUF Gaming Alliance and had modules available during Computex.  As you can see from the chart below there is a wide variety of different designs from “why bother” to “let’s take this serious”  In my opinion the Super Luce’s are one of the better but still firmly in the middle.

    As this segment grows there will likely be more vendors onboard and even more options to choose from.