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  • Quantum Force P67 Rattler Motherboard Review
  • Quantum Force P67 Rattler Motherboard Review


    Bios Features

    The standard BIOS for most P67 motherboards is the UEFI BIOS from American Megatrends.  The layout is in the traditional configuration with the various features being grouped under menus listed across the top of the screen.  You'll find all of the overclocking controls at the far right under Quantum BIOS.

    We have listed some of the more interesting screens pictured below in no particular order.  Most of the screens shown here deal with overclocking but there are a few that enable and disable features.
    As with all BIOS menus it is a good idea to root around for a little while and locate all of the settings you are looking for.  Since Sandy Bridge overclocking is a little different from what we have come to expect it may take awhile to figure out where to go, or in our case, what to change.

    We had a horrible time with the Rattler BIOS that came loaded on our system, and while the replacement we got from Foxconn did address most of the serious issues it didn't solve them all.  For instance after the BIOS flash we were able to overclock and set the CPU PLL overvoltage but without a valid XMP memory selection you were left guessing what your timings should be since the BIOS didn't read the GSKill SPD chip.  We also had issues disabling the power management option, while most users won't do this it is something we do to ensure consistent results and accurate CPUz shots.

    There is no doubt that Foxconn will get these issues ironed out with subsequent BIOS updates, so be sure to check http://www.quantum-force.net for details.