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  • Cooler Master V SFX Platinum 1100 Modular Power Supply Review
  • Cooler Master V SFX Platinum 1100 Modular Power Supply Review



    Something that most people forget is that the PC Power Supply is the most important component of any computer build.  It might sound strange but, without a PSU your system will not run, if the unit is underpowered, you will have issues keeping your system running, if the PSU is of “low quality” it can actually damage or destroy your build.  In fact, the PSU, or Power Supply Unit is the only component that can also survive multiple system upgrades without issue, provided you buy a good one.

    Another important thing about PSUs is that while good ones can last for years there are some very good reasons as to why they should be upgraded.  In this review we will be looking at the V SFX Platinum 1100 from Cooler Master.  Despite the strange product name this is a 80 Plus Platinum rated 1100w modular SFX PSU designed to support ATX 3.0 power demands and features the new 12vhpwr PCI Express 5.0 power connector.


    High power density
    ATX 3.0 support & a 90-degree 12VHPWR cable
    Advanced thermal performance
    80 Plus Platinum efficiency
    Fully modular cabling
    10-year warranty

    • Model: MPZ-B001-SFAP-B
    • ATX Version: ATX3.0, SFX 12V Ver. 3.42
    • PFC: Active PFC
    • Input Voltage: 100-240V
    • Input Current: 14-6.5A
    • Input Frequency: 50-60Hz
    • Dimensions (L x W x H): 100 x 125 x 63.5 mm
    • Fan Size: 92mm
    • Fan Bearing: FDB
    • Efficiency: ≥ 92% @ Typical Load
    • 80 PLUS Rating: 80 PLUS Platinum
    • ErP 2014 Lot 3: Yes
    • Operating Temperature: 0-50°C
    • Power Good Signal: 100 - 150 ms
    • Hold Up Time: ≥16ms at 70% Load
    • MTBF: >100,000 Hours
    • Protections: OVP, OPP, SCP, OCP, UVP, OTP, Surge and Inrush Protection
    • Regulatory: TUV, cTUVus, CE, FCC, BSMI, CCC, EAC, UKCA
    • ATX 24 Pin Connectors: 1
    • EPS 4+4 Pin Connectors: 1
    • EPS 8 Pin Connector: 1
    • SATA Connectors: 8
    • Peripheral 4 Pin Connectors: 4
    • PCI-e 6+2 Pin Connectors: 3
    • 12VHPWR Connector: 1
    • Series: V SFX Series
    • 80 Plus: Platinum
    • Modular: Full Modular
    • Wattage: Above 750W