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  • Cooler Master XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply Review
  • Cooler Master XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply Review


    CM XG850 Platinum Features

    The Cooler Master XG850 Plus Platinum is slightly larger than most at 160mm deep and fully modular meaning that all of the power cables are removable.  A modular design is an important consideration for any PSU as it allows you to control cable management by using only the cables you need for both current and future builds and still makes it easy to swap the cables for individually sleeved units at any time.

    On the back you will find the main power switch and power connection next to a tasteful logo image.  Plenty of mesh allows for good airflow while allowing your chosen ARGB to bleed out the back. 

    A clear 135mm ARGB silent fan dominates the bottom surface through the matching open mesh.  The cover may look removable but doing so will void your warranty! Fortunately, an occasional blast of cleaning air should be sufficient to keep thinks looking sharp over time.

    Our Cooler Master XG850 is fully modular and built using only uses 100% Japanese capacitors to provide dependable power with greatly reduced ripple noise. In looking at the label we can see that this is a single rail PSU with 70.8A available on the +12V rail and 20A available for both +3.3 and +5v.  You can also see that this PSU features Active PFC (Power Factor Correction) which allows the PSU to adjust and compensate to achieve the most power efficiency possible.

    The power supply ships with a nice protective bag for both the power supply and the cables making storage of those unneeded cables a breeze.  Cooler Master has thoughtfully included several zip-ties And Velcro strips to help with cable management.

    Power Connections

    Not all modular power supplies are equal but you can count on a major manufacturer to cover almost all your bases when it comes to connections.

    Power is handled by standard 24-pin main power connector that is split across to plugs for the PSU.

    A single 4-pin Molex style cable is provided for you peripherals along with a USB protocol 10p (RGB) cable to link your power supply to your controller (not shown).

    A total of 10 PCI-e 6+2 pin connectors offers plenty of support for both current and future video card combinations.

    Lastly, the Cooler Master XG850 supports up to 12 SATA devices split acrost four cables.