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  • Cooler Master XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply Review
  • Cooler Master XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply Review


    Cooler Master XG850 Digital Display and Conclusion

    The XG Plus Platinum series doesn’t just feature an ARGB fan, it also features a digital display panel can monitor real time performance data, showing fan speed, temperature, power load, and sync with your compatible ARGB controller.

    On the left-hand side, we have a nicely lit XG850 followed by the Cooler Master Logo. The right side displays alternating monitors with a helpful mode Icon to help you keep track. All of these lights can be programmed to match your ARGB theme or will rotate by default.  The effect is pretty stunning in a windowed case!


    The XG Plus Platinum series is supported by the latest MasterPlus+ software suite we recently saw with the Cooler Master CK721 keyboard.  This software primarily gives you individual control over the lighting and the ability to sync with compatible devices.  One additional function is the ability to modify the side display outputs or disable them completely if desired.


    Overall, the Cooler Master XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply offers the best of both worlds. The 80Plus Platinum Rating puts it at the top of the class for both quality and efficiency.  The 850w level hits a sweet spot for power consumption in most common builds.  With the XG850 you also get a full ARGB that ads an additional flare that can make your system stand out with unique lighting and a digital readout.  Flat ribbon cables are easy to run making cable managment with XG850 a fantastic choice for any system build.

    As computer hardware enthusiasts that know a few things, we try to recommend the highest capacity PSUs for builds, not because it is needed but to ensure that everything has adequate power.  The 80Plus rating system applies mostly to power efficiency but can also give you a good indication that the rated power can also be trusted.  The Cooler Master XG850 Plus Platinum Power Supply is rated at 80Plus Platinum making it a very attractive product to those who appreciate a quality PSU and care about lowering excess heat, reducing noise and saving on the power bill.

    Good Things

    80Plus Platinum Rating
    850w Power Output
    Fully Modular Design
    135mm Silent Cooling Fan
    Flat Ribbon Cables
    Programable ARGB
    Great Status Display

    Bad Things

    Flat Ribbon Cables Take Longer to Route
    Currently Only Offered up to 850w
    Limited Software Compatibility