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  • Cooler Master CK721 65% Hybrid Wireless Gaming Keyboard Review
  • Cooler Master CK721 65% Hybrid Wireless Gaming Keyboard Review


    CK721 Keyboard Software

    The CK721 keyboard is the first Cooler Master product to use their new MasterPlus+ software suite.  Eventually thus hub will offer a single software solution for all of your Cooler Master products.

    Overall the software package looks very empty now but, the potential is readily apparent.

    The default landing page provides a snapshot of your current system across the bottom.  You can monitor your temps, voltages and usage with simple widgets.

    Tabs located across the top help to segment System Lighting, configurations and profiles just to give a glimpse into the future state of this hub when more supported devices are present.

    Selecting the Keyboard from the left-hand side takes us into the keyboard specific settings and changes the top tab to Wireless.  This screen shows the current battery status and allows you to set the Sleep and Low Power Modes.

    The Lighting tab gives you the ability to customize the onboard RGB and offers a selection of 11 preset RGB effects.  This does include the ability to create a custom RGB setting and save them for future use.

    The Keymapping tab allows you to set up custom key mapping at a per key level.

    Selecting the Macro tab provides a solid set of Macro tools that can be Imported and exported once you have the tweaking complete.

    Up to four individual profiles can be created and stored using the Profiles tab if you need different setups for gaming, work or whatever you may need.