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  • Silverstone ST1200-G Strider Gold Evolution Power Supply Review
  • Silverstone ST1200-G Strider Gold Evolution Power Supply Review


    Product Layout and Features

    In terms of size the Strider Gold Evolution is the same size as a Thermaltake Toughpower Grand which is slightly larger than a standard PSU.  Modern chassis design allows for longer PSU units like this so unless you are doing a retrofit you should have no issues with space.
    A couple of new and unique features of the Strider Gold Evolution is the overall cooling solution.  The primary cooling fan is a 140mm air penetrator which is not only silent but does a very good job at directing airflow exactly where you want it.

    The fan filter may be a little overkill for most modern case installations it can come in handy for a retrofit upgrade or simply used over another fan in your case. 

    This is a fully modular power supply meaning that every single cable can be removed including the main 24pin ATX power line.  Silverstone also sells custom cable kits for the Strider so they can be used in SFF cases and other systems that don't require excessively long power cables.
    Overall the PSU follows a strict voltage regulation of +/- 3% to curb any power spikes and the same +/- 3% ripple and noise control.  Of course testing these can be difficult but basically this means the power is clean and will prevent any ground loops from causing issues with your components.

    The Silverstone Strider Gold Evolution is a single rail design with the 12v rail supporting a 100A circuit with a maximum RMS power output of 1200W and 1300W peak under certain loading conditions.