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  • Silverstone ST1200-G Strider Gold Evolution Power Supply Review
  • Silverstone ST1200-G Strider Gold Evolution Power Supply Review



    As overclockers we often look at the highest capacity PSUs for our systems, not because we need them but because we want to make sure everything we run has adequate power. 80+ Gold edition PSUs deliver on those desires and do so with less heat, better overall efficiency and in some cases, peak loading conditions above the rated power specs.

    The Strider Gold Evolution currently comes in four configurations starting at 750w and ending at 1200w.  All feature 80+ Gold certifications for 90% efficiency ratings and a single 12v power rail designs ranging from 62A up to 100A like on the 1200w edition.

    In previous Silverstone product reviews we have mentioned that Evolution describes the approach Silverstone takes when rebuilding their popular products and the Strider Gold Evolution is no exception.  The approach they took was to improve overall cooling and also lower the noise footprint of the PSU and they are doing this with a single 140mm air penetrator fan.  These fans do a great job at directing airflow in a single direction so the components are kept cooler and done with less noise.

    Overall we like the Silverstone Gold Evolution, the modular design is nice and optional cable kit is a nice feature for those looking to move into a SFF chassis.  We would have liked to see locking cables on the 20+4 ATX and 4+4 CPU power connectors since the +4 tends to be the exception on most modern systems.  It would also make installing them easier with less chance of having the +4 not being seated correctly.
    Good Things
    80+ Gold Rating for 90% efficiency
    4-way Video Card Support
    1300w Peak Power Output
    140mm Air Penetrator Fan
    Fully Modular Design
    Bad Things
    No storage bag
    No master power switch
    Both 12v CPU power cables should be the same length
    Sleeving could extend further down the cables