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  • SilverStone ST1500-Ti Strider 80 Plus Titanium Power Supply Review
  • SilverStone ST1500-Ti Strider 80 Plus Titanium Power Supply Review


    Power Connections

    I have already mentioned how the Strider Titanium is a fully modular power supply meaning that every cable can be removed including the main 24-pin and 8-pin power cables.  Silverstone has included a cable for every plug on the PSU and some accessories to help with cable management.   

    The main 24pin ATX cable features the standard 20pin + 4pin connector configuration.  These connections do not snap together so you will need to make sure they are inserted at the same time to make sure they both get seated correctly.  It is hard to imagine that any modern motherboard is still using a 20pin power header but stranger things have happened.

    To help keep this large cable bundle together you will find Velcro straps on the cable that transform the 12x2 cable into a 4x6 making it a little easier to manage.

    There are two sets of 12v CPU power connectors and both use the 4+4 configuration for better compatibility.  Unlike the main 24pin connector you can install each 4+4 plug separately. 

    Overall cable lengths vary with the 24pin and one 8pin cable measuring in at around 22 inches long.  The second 8pin cable is a little longer at 31 inches which can help with cable routing since the CPU power is often on the other side of the motherboard.

    The Strider 1500 Titanium supports a variety of GPU configurations and comes with eight 8pin PCI Express power connections.  This would equate to 4-way SLI or Crossfire with two cables per card unless you are using a high-end video card that requires three power connections each.

    The final cables are the standard SATA and Molex power connections.  Each cable features four plugs per end and measure in at around 41 inches.  You will get four cables dedicated to SATA and two cables for Molex each with the smaller plug used on floppy drives at the end.