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  • Creative Zen Hybrid Wireless Headphone Review
  • Creative Zen Hybrid Wireless Headphone Review


    Creative Zen Hybrid Layout and Features

    The Creative Zen’s clearly take their inspiration from the popular Bose Quiet Comfort design matching the size of my well-worn Bose set including the folding design.  Sound is handled by a set of 40 mm Neodymium drivers and Bluetooth 5.0.

    Creative ships the Zen headphones with a soft grey carry bag rather than a hard case.  Despite this lack of protection the overall size, when packed away, would slip easily into a typical bag or large purse.

    The ear cup size is what I would call "medium" in overall shape and depth making them one of the tighter over ear designs in this segment.  Padding is soft and covered with a synthetic leather that definitely feels comfortable, even after long listening sessions. 

    When it comes to headphone comfort the lightweight design and soft padding go a long way.

    Controls are located on the right side and can be operated by touch and feature an Intuitive layout.

    From Front to back:

    • The ANC toggle with an imbedded LED indicator,
    • The 3.5mm analog jack, the multi-function power button with status lighting,
    • The multifunction volume controls.

    All the buttons have separate usability during media playback and when on a call.

    Also included you will find a USB-C to USB-A charging cable, a 3.5mm AUX-in cable and a set of manuals.  The charging cable is about 82 cm (32 inches) long and the AUX cable is about 117 cm (46 inches) long.