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  • HyperX Cloud Revolver Pro Gaming Headset Review
  • HyperX Cloud Revolver Pro Gaming Headset Review


    HyperX Cloud Revolver Pro Layout and features

    Let me start by stating just how solid and well-built the HyperX design feels.  The full frame, designed in Germany of course, is a single steel piece providing maximum durability. This unique frame has some flexibility to ensure a snug fit. I did notice any tap or rub on the frame resonates loudly through the ear pieces.

    Mic duties are performed by a flexible noise cancelling mice hung from the left side.  The microphone is detachable and holds it shape well when positioned. HyperX proudly displays a TeamSpeak Certification on the box and the Cloud Revolver is a confident TeamSpeak solution.  I found the microphone a little quiet on the uptake compared to my normal Sennheiser PC363D setup but a slight uptick in the sound driver and everything was solid.

    The larger size if the frame provides plenty of room for the leatherette lined top padding and there really is a wide range of sizing available.  I found the weight initially settled the ears lower than expected but I never felt the cups on my ears thanks to the larger over ear design, about 3.5 x 4.25 inches edge to edge with almost 3 x 2 inches for your ears.

    The larger size of the ear cups may be due to the larger 50mm directionless drivers.  In practice it made the bottom of each side almost reach my jawline.  The ear pads are the same leatherette over a pretty thick memory foam pad.  I can’t stress enough how comfortable everything felt once I got used to the size.  This may have coming from a smaller set of cups on my Sennheiser headphones to blame as it does seem like many of the new gaming headphones are going this size now.

    A six foot cable attaches to the Cloud Revolver terminating in four-pole jack compatible with your mobile devices and consoles.  A control box with an additional 3 foot cable provides the two I/O jacks to use your PC sound device.

    With the extension on you have a volume dial and a mic mute slider as your inline controls.  Not only does this setup offer additional compatibility, it also prevents you from getting that head jerk if you forget you have the Cloud Revolver on.  Not that hard to do after a long session thanks to memory foam!