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  • SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick 64 GB Review
  • SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick 64 GB Review


    Connect Wireless Stick 64 GB Software

    Our Connect Wireless came with a quick start guide directing us to download the Connect software directly through the usual Apple, Amazon and Google app stores on our mobile devices.  Plugging the Connect stick into our Windows PCs did not require any additional software.

    I should note that the wireless functionality is disabled when the drive is plugged into a USB port.  I can imagine this must be to prevent file corruption.

    I downloaded the software on multiple android devices and a couple windows 10 devices.  The software is virtually identical on both platforms.  It first detects the device(s) via your wireless adapter and then asks you to confirm the device to manage security and multiple devices.  Encryption is available if needed in the settings.

    Although the Connect Stick uses your wireless connection. (When turned on of course.)  It does not keep you from using the same wireless device to connect elsewhere.  That means using your internet connection while listening to music or such is possible.  Cool idea.

    Once you are connected you get a default menu with the most common file types already set up in folders: Music, Photos and Videos.  Creating a new folder is easy and sub folders are supported.

    The Getting Started Guides folder contains a video how to guide that can also be found on the SanDisk Connect website: https://www.sandisk.com/connect

    You will know when you are connected by the icon in the tray or when the directory appears. An interesting selection of test music is included. Nothing I recognized but worth a listen for the variety if nothing grows on you.  I always wonder how a band gets on these sorts of things.  It’s got to help get the word out!

    Here is a look at the menu.  You can use the Internet connection section lets you put the Connect Stick on your local network sort of like a NAS.  Great if you use your devices on the same wireless network all the time. Settings include the drive name, power settings, data sharing and a password feature.

    Gallery Backup, My Downloads and Help are pretty self-explanatory.

    Device status and storage capacity are also nice bonus features.