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  • 100th Episode Highlights from Computex 2019 Pt2
  • 100th Episode Highlights from Computex 2019 Pt2


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 31:24

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    Originally recorded June 2019

    Show Notes

    In the second part of our two part coverage of Computex 2019 the duo continue talking about some of the highlights of the Computex show.  If you haven’t caught part 1 be sure to visit the Podcast page on Hardwareasylum.com.

    SilverStone is famous for having some amazing case designs that are both
    affordable and high-performing.  The Raven series comes to mind as a pinnacle when it comes to aircooling performance and the Alta S1 is building on that reputation while also adding RGB and creative use of windows to better show off your hardware.

    In Win
    In what might be the best of Computex 2019 In Win was showing the Yong.  Yong is a 3D printed chassis that takes about 12 hours to print and is 100% unique every time it is printed.  The software that prints the design will randomize the design giving the end user a completely unique and highly personalized computer case design.

    Calling Yong a computer case is a bit of a stretch since it really only covers the computer components forcing users to find creative ways of getting cooling to some of the hotter components in the system especially when watercooling is being used.

    Gigabyte / Aorus put on an amazing show this year at Computex with a pre-show press conference where they announced their design changes for the new AMD X570 line of motherboards including an 8TB SSD that RAID’ed four 2TB NVMe drives together for 15GBs of total read/write bandwidth.

    Some of the other highlights include matching X570 motherboards for completely different market segments and the secret return of the SOC.

    Honestly MSI had a pretty amazing booth this year showing off their Godlike X570 motherboards but what really caught Dennis’s attention was the 10th anniversary edition RTX 2080 Ti Lightning cards.

    In a strange twist the final company we will be discussing is Biostar.  As many of us know Biostar is a pretty obscure company.  They own the low end when it comes to computer hardware and has remained competitive in that space for over 20 years.  While they do have a traditional gaming line what was most interesting was their take on cloud based gaming.  The system they were showing addressed the unique requirements of cloud based gaming by making it fast and most importantly, extremely affordable.

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    Episode 100 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)