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  • Big PC Builds and the Cases Needed to Hold Them
  • Big PC Builds and the Cases Needed to Hold Them


    Hosts: Dennis Garcia and Darren McCain
    Time: 29:12

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    Originally recorded September 2022

    Show Notes

    For those of you who have followed the Ninjalane and Hardware Asylum podcasts for a while you will have realized that a common topic is building PCs.  It is something we love to do and want to share those experience with our listeners.  Normally the discussions focus on the electrical components such as motherboards, video cards, processors, memory, audio and cooling.  These are items we cover on Hardware Asylum and are generally the “proactive” parts that people can choose.  Items such as computer cases and power supplies are largely “reactive” since their choice depends on other aspects of your build.

    For instance, if you have a Mini ITX motherboard you have more chassis choices available over someone who is building with an E-ATX motherboard.  Likewise, if you have chosen a cooler with a 360mm radiator it is likely not going to fit into a chassis designed for a Mini ITX motherboard.

    In this episode we dive into “big builds” or the systems you would likely assemble using an extra large chassis like the Cooler Master HAF 700 or Thermaltake Tower 500.  These cases are large making them somewhat impractical unless you have the need or the space required.  What is interesting is that chassis designers built these cases because there was either a market or customer demand present and a projected ROI otherwise the effort would have been a huge waste of time.

    If you happen to want us to dive deeper into this subject be sure to send us an email or hit us up on any of our social channels.  We would be happy to hear from you.

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    Episode 139 featured music:
    Little People - Start Shootin' (http://www.littlepeoplemusic.com/)