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  • Phanteks Eclipse P300 Tempered Glass Case Review
  • Phanteks Eclipse P300 Tempered Glass Case Review



    I find myself mentioning this quite often in my Phanteks reviews where I find the case to be a very good representation and actually shouldn’t be modified.  As an avid casemodder I find myself saying that to be appalling but, in the case of the Eclipse P300 it really wasn’t designed to handle mods.  That isn’t to say you can’t tear the case apart for a custom coat of paint or do an expansion of the included RGB lighting control but the case doesn’t need it.  Assuming builders keep with 120mm fans there is really no need to change anything in the cooling system either. 

    There are a few things I wish could have been better such as the location of the expansion slots.  In most tasteful cases you will find these completely inside the chassis as that provides a good amount of security and also cleans up the rear profile of the case.  On the P300 the rear panel is basically flat requiring that the screws holding your expansion cards be placed outside the case.  Personally I have never liked this design but happen to be a common feature on lesser expensive cases.

    The other item is the top panel detail.  Both the top and front panel are constructed from folded steel which is a nice detail on a case in this price range however, as you saw early in this review, to complete the overall look Phanteks added a magnetic mesh filter to cover up the built in vent.  This is a common cover up to the classic blow hole and in a way I would have expected a full vented cover like the front bezel over a decorative toupee.

    Overall the Phanteks Eclipse P300 Tempered Glass chassis is a very nice case that delivers an incredible value that is normally seen in more expensive offerings.  The front and top panels are constructed from folded steel, you get a tempered glass side panel along with an RGB controller and just enough storage to please any system builder.  The case is smaller than most mid towers making it less attractive to DIY watercooling but perfect for AIO giving builders a platform to grow.

    Good Things

    Solid Construction
    Tempered Glass Side Panel
    Folded Steel Panels
    Open Interior Design
    USB 3.0 Support
    Unique Modern Style
    RGB LED Controller

    Bad Things

    Small filters on front panel
    Watecooling wipes out most extra internal storage
    Popped out expansion slot mounts

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    Phanteks Eclipse P300 Tempered Glass Case Review