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  • Fractal Pop Mini Air Case Review
  • Fractal Pop Mini Air Case Review


    Case Layout and Features

    On the surface the Pop Mini Air and the pop Air look quite similar with only a bit of size difference to tell them apart. The Pop Air comes in at 473.5 x 215 x 454 mm (~18.6 x 8.5 x 17.9 inches) while the Pop Mini Air is 432 x 215 x 393 mm.  This means you can and should consider both when thinking of future builds or updates.

    Committing to the Pop Mini Air is committing to a M-ATX or mini ITX build completely and planning your build accordingly.

    The left side is dominated by the tempered glass panel held in place by two black thumb screws. A two-chamber design separates out the power supply and most drive locations keeping the main area clutter free.

    The back shows a lot of venting centered on the white rear Aspect 12 RGB 120mm exhaust fan. A total of four expansion slots are available.  A full-sized power supply is supported up to 150mm (~5.9 inches) deep.

    A total of four expansion slots are available and video cards are supported up to 365 mm (~14.37 inches) with front fans mounted.

    Case controls are located along the right side of the top surface. From Left to right: A USB-C Spacer, 2x USB 3.0, Audio I/O, an ARGB controller and a power switch. Optional USB-C kit sold separately.

    Removing the top magnetic dust filter reveals mounting options for another set of 2 x 120mm fans or a single 140mm fan. Installing a radiator up to a 240mm is possible as long as you keep the height of your ram under 46mm.

    I must admit, I don’t know why the top venting isn’t extended to allow for a set of 140mm fans or a larger 280mm radiator.  Keep it small, I guess!