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  • Fractal Pop Mini Air Case Review
  • Fractal Pop Mini Air Case Review


    Fractal Pop Mini Air Install and Conclusions

    For some time now we have felt that the Mini ITX form factor was the future for enthusiast level DIY system builds.  When you look at a typical gaming build you see, a processor, two memory sticks and a single video card.  Audio solutions have migrated from discrete cards to external USB sound solutions and with the death of multi-GPU gaming there is virtually no reason to have more than one expansion slot on a gaming motherboard.

    To give a better idea of the actual space available we installed a ROG STRIX B660-I Mini ITX motherboard from ASUS Republic of Gamers. Plenty of room remans even with the crazy four slot video cards hitting the market.

    This Mini ITX motherboard really makes good use of space providing everything you need and nothing more.  Given how little space you really need you could easily put together a simple water loop to really bring things to the next level.

    Of course, we can’t end a review without addressing the RGB.  The onboard solution provides a simple toggle to get the Aspect fans up and running.  All of the RGB pictures were taken with that controller.  For those wanting more, the Aspect fans are compatible with ASUS AURA, Gigabytes Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, ASRock Polychrome and Razer Chroma.


    There is something about most Fractal designs that sets them apart right out of the box.  Designs are simple with no wasted space and the build quality is outstanding. With the Fractal Pop Mini Air, you get great versatility in a small footprint. As with any mini/micro ATX case some planning is required to make sure everything will fit but for most builders this case is really all you need with a nice small footprint.

    If you are still unsure that the Mini form factors are for you, the ATX Pop Air model is not that much bigger and costs just a bit more. The future is here and it looks great!

    Good Things

    Flexible Storage Options
    Three ARGB Fans Included
    Exceptional Build Quality
    Good Price Point

    Bad Things

    Limited Cooling Options
    USB-C Costs Extra
    Planning Space is Critical