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  • beQuiet Silent Base 802 Case Review
  • beQuiet Silent Base 802 Case Review



    With the Quiet Base 802 design, be quiet! has really upped their game. This case looks and feels like a flagship design with tons of versatility for enthusiast builds.  As you would expect from a case with silent in the name, the Silent Base 802 excels at sound reduction even with the high flow panels installed. The case design looks like it means business making the optional window truly optional.

    The outstanding build quality and options offered really put the Quiet Base 802 at the head of the class when it comes to demanding quiet builds. No window, no RGB.. No problems!

    Good Things

    Outstanding noise management
    Versatile build options
    Upgraded Pure Wings 2 fans included
    Space for larger/complex builds
    Solid construction
    No RGB

    Bad Things

    Giant footprint for a Mid-Tower
    No window in this option
    No RGB
    3-Pin only for fan control

    Hardware Asylum Rating
    beQuiet Silent Base 802 Case Review