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  • beQuiet Silent Base 802 Case Review
  • beQuiet Silent Base 802 Case Review


    Case Layout and Features Continued

    Probably the most exciting feature found on the Silent Base 802 is the ability to configure both the top and front panels. Each location can be optimized for your choice of maximum airflow or quiet operation.

    Removing the front panel is as easy as gently pulling up from the bottom of the panel.  be quiet! Recommends the standard, quiet panels for most builds and they come preinstalled right out of the box.

    More demanding builds, specifically those with water-cooling, may want to use the high flow panels that provide a very open mesh design.  Rest assured that even with the quiet panel installed plenty of air can be pulled from the front and side vents.

    No matter which panel you choose, you will have a second mesh filter behind the front panel to help prevent dust accumulation. This removable, washable filter sits between the front panel and the front fan locations providing about a half inch of space for the fans to pull that outside air into the system.

    The top panel setup consists of a set of removable panels for the quiet operation configuration. The front piece offers a magnetic fastener and covers the front two 120 or 140mm fan locations. The back panel is both magnetic and vented for the third 120 or 140mm fan location providing the versatility to run a single top fan and still get the benefits of the silent panels.

    Just like the front, both top panels can be swapped out for the high airflow panel.  Strangely the honey comb pattern is missing but the branded panel looks pretty sharp and definitely allows for a massive amount of airflow for the optional top fans or a good radiator up to a 360mm size.

    Turning over the front panel reveals the dense foam noise reduction layer found on both the front and sides of the Base 802.  This extra thick matting is roughly 10mm thick to offer tremendous noise dampening and improve stability. The Silent Base 802 just feels sturdy with no flex even with both sides removed.

    Gone are the old Base 800’s hinged side doors.  The Base 802 uses a push button system to remove the side panels. Simply push the button on the top of the back panel and the sides just lift out and up! This view also shows the vaulted space at the top of the case for additional airflow or an oversized radiator installation.

    Each of the side panels fell pretty sturdy and have a massive amount of sound deadening material. Both sides are interchangeable.  This means you can switch which side the window is on if you opt for the windowed version.  More on that in a minute!