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  • beQuiet Silent Base 802 Case Review
  • beQuiet Silent Base 802 Case Review


    Case Layout and Features

    The overall design of the Silent Base 802 carries the clean angular design found in the original Silent Base 800 if a little bit larger. The single color provides a more serious feel to the design that is probably more pronounced when the window is not present.  Choosing the white style does offer a bit more of a color variation given the black accents.

    Both the left and right sides are pushed out about an inch to accommodate the venting from the front.  The additional thickness of these plastic side panels allows for more room inside the case, side panel insulation for sound deadening and more airflow.  There are additional venting in the channels between the sides and the top panel.

    A removable PSU bracket allows the power supply to be easily installed from the back of the case and secured with four thumb screws.

    Controls can be found on the top panel and includes an integrated 4 step fan controller, a USB 3.2 Gen. 2 Type C connector, a set of Audio I/O ports, power and reset buttons, a hard drive activity light and a set of USB 3.2 Gen. 1 ports.

    The fan controller supports up to six fans manually or can connect all to one PWM signal.

    The back shows a lot of venting centered on the rear Pure Wings 2 140mm exhaust fan. While the Pure Wings 2 design is no longer the most cutting edge fan in the bequiet! Line they still provide excellent quiet operation (maximum speed 18.2-20.2db(A)) that far exceeds over nearly every OEM case fan.

    A honeycomb removable mesh runs the full length of the bottom of the case providing maximum ventilation to the bottom compartment.

    The four slots you see are for mounting the rails that act as the feet. This separation is to help with shipping and prevent breakage.  It also does make the installation of the feet an option if you have other ideas.