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  • Silverstone Kublai KL06 Case Review
  • Silverstone Kublai KL06 Case Review



    We were lucky enough to review the Temjin TJ08-E several years back and was one of the few review cases that actually became a full gaming build.  During the build process I rediscovered what I liked about the case and why that particular formula works while it tends to fall apart in larger designs.  When I first saw the Kublai KL06 at CES I was humbled to see that Silverstone kept the original design and just tweaked a few things to bring it up to modern spec.  (oh and kept the external 5.25” drive bays)

    The KL06 supports all Micro-ATX, Mini-DTX, and Mini-ITX motherboards that come with four or less expansion slots.  To aid in system assembly the motherboard tray is removable along with most all panels on this case.   Cooling is handled by two 120mm fans mounted to the front of the case.  These are designed to create a positive air pressure environment for dust prevention and improved cooling.  Sadly, these fans are not RPM controlled and sit dangerously close to the removable front filter.

    In terms of modifications I'm hard pressed to find any.  Normally I look for ways to install watercooling systems and unless you are using a sealed watercooler your options will be severely limited.  There is virtually no additional space in this chassis to house an additional radiator and pump/res combo without mounting them outside of the case.  You get away with extensive painting mods given the absence of anodized aluminum.

    Silverstone offers this case with and without a side window.  If you choose to cut your own the logical location would be directly over the CPU area and maybe including part of your video card array.  Extending much beyond that will expose the hard drive rack and power supply location.

    Overall construction is quite good and for a steel chassis the overall weight is rather efficent at around 12 pounds.

    Good Things

    Solid Construction
    Excellent Cooling
    Dual 120mm Fans
    Included Filters
    Flipped Motherboard

    Bad Things

    Thin metal side panels tend to rattle
    Expansion slot screws outside of chassis

    Hardware Asylum Rating
    Silverstone Kublai KL06 Case Review