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  • SilverStone Redline RL05 Case Review
  • SilverStone Redline RL05 Case Review


    The Basement and Front Panel Conclusion

    Some of the features that impressed me the most about the Redline RL05 was the front panel controls, front bezel design and basement.

    The front panel controls are quite simple featuring the standard SilverStone USB 3.0 and audio package, buttons for power and reset and a single USB 3.1 Type C connector!?!.  For USB 3.1 to work properly the cable cannot be longer than 1 meter.  Because of this SilverStone recommends using Type C cables that are 400mm or less due to the 600mm already taken up by the internal pass through cable.

    Small price to pay for super fasts USB.

    It may sound silly but I really liked the front bezel design.  Of course the red accents are just plastic inserts so you can remove and repaint them along with the metal mesh covering the plastic bezel.  As a modder I see lots of painting options with the RL05 design and is one reasons I like it so much.

    The final item is the basement in the case.  These days there are quite a few cases that come with a PSU cover and when you are trying to reduce manufacture costs optional pieces, like this, are the first to go.  The RL05 has not only retained the PSU cover but also included some stylish embossing, SSD mounting points and some louvers to help move heat away from the hard drives located underneath.

    Of couse, if you cannot be bothered with painting your case  a simple sticker or logo works just as well including those from Hardware Asylum. wink smile


    When people come to me asking for build advice I tell them two things.  Spend money on your motherboard and don’t skimp on the case.  Other items like processors and video cards can always be upgraded later however swapping a motherboard or chassis is a more involved process and deserves your attention.  Despite this sound advice people are sometimes greedy and forget they need X dollars for a case.  Well, now I have an alternative to suggest, the Redline RL05.  It looks great and has plenty of modding potential.

    Good Things

    PSU Cover (Basement)
    External 5.25” Drive Bay
    LED Fans Included
    Two Colors Available
    Lots of Modding Options
    Large Side Window
    Type C Port Included

    Bad Things

    Lighter gauge metal rattles a bit
    Funky expansion card retainer  

    Hardware Asylum Rating
    SilverStone Redline RL05 Case Review