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  • Deepcool LS720 ARGB AIO Watercooler Review
  • Deepcool LS720 ARGB AIO Watercooler Review


    Cooler Installation

    Installing the DeepCool LS720 is extremely easy and the universal mounting hardware will allow the process to be the same on all platforms provided that you use the correct brackets.  On most platforms you will need to use the included backplate and build up a mounting base for the pump block. 

    We will be testing on the LGA1700 Alder Lake platform with a Core i7 12700k processor.  The included backplate can be adjusted between LGA1200 and LGA1700, just make sure to slide the pins to match your system.

    The next step I took was to install the mounting rails to the pump block.  There is a single set of rails for Intel based systems and they are secured using four screws with tapered shoulders.

    To build the platform to support the cooler you’ll need to locate the appropriate set of plastic spacers.  For LGA1700 these are fluted along the vertical axis so be sure to use the correct ones for your system.

    The final two steps involve applying thermal compound and installing the pump block.  I prefer the 5-dot method which involves five small dots on the processor in an X pattern.

    I found that finger tight is enough to secure the pumpblock however EXTREME care needs to be used to ensure the pumpblock is centered over the CPU and that all four corners have equal pressure.   The pro tip here is to hold the pump block centered over the CPU such that it sits flat and doesn’t rock around.

    Installing the cooling fans is rather straight forward.  Simply place the fan on the radiator, line up the mounting holes on the fan with the threaded holes on the radiator and use the included screws to secure it in place.

    For this review I choose to daisy chain the fans by extending the tail across the bottom of the current fan to meet up with the adjacent fan.  The tails will cross over but does make for a rather clean installation.

    Keep in mind that the tail from the pumpblock is what starts the chain and that you need to use all three connections (Fan RPM signal, ARGB Header, SATA Power) to activate the fans and RGB lights.