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  • Noctua NF-F12 Focused Flow Fan Review
  • Noctua NF-F12 Focused Flow Fan Review


    Fan Layout and Features

    We mentioned how this fan has nine major design features, as you can imagine it is difficult to illustrate all of them without taking up a lot of space.  Well, as you can see from the box there are 5 panels available and they do an exceptional job at outlining everything you need to know about this fan.
    Removing the fan from the box we find a very typical layout,  Fan in the middle and four rubber fan mounts along the side and misc cables and accessories at the end.

    With each NF-F12 you'll get the following
    • Low-Noise Adapter (L.N.A.)
    • 4-Pin Y-Cable
    • 30cm Extension Cable
    • 4 Vibration-Compensators
    • 4 Fan Screws
    All Noctua fans come with a low noise adaptor designed to reduce overall RPMs but you may not need it since even running these fans at full speed is not loud at all.
    The first feature found on the NF-F12 is the rubber pads located on each of the fan corners.  These are called the Integrated Anti-Vibration Pads and are designed to isolate fan vibrations while still maintaining a standard mounting structure.

    Of course to the right of the NF-F12 is the famed NF-S12, which has since been upgraded to the NF-S12B FLX.  The purpose of this photo is to show how fans designed for different purposes actually do look different.   For case cooling applications you need to move large amounts of air but doesn't need much pressure making the NF-S12 a good choice.  When cooling a heatsink you tend to need more pressure and less volume and is why the NF-F12 has considerably larger fan blades.