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  • AZIO Atom Ambidextrous Backlit Gaming Mouse Review
  • AZIO Atom Ambidextrous Backlit Gaming Mouse Review


    AZIO Atom Testing and Conclusion

    I tested the AZIO Atom both with the GMP-XXL pad and with my glass CorePad over a couple weeks to get used to the smaller size and weight.  Surprisingly I found the lower height less of an issue due to the length and quickly got used to the feel. 

    My Atom testing overlapped nicely with a Battlefield 1 DLC release so the majority of my time was spent playing the new maps.  I ended up most comfortable at 1600 DPI with some 1200 DPI sessions.  My palm grip did lead to some wrist drag, making the GMP-XXL a nice addition, but the shape is familiar and comfortable. I could easily see this as a solid claw grip choice.

    The side grip was also better than expected but I would have found a rubberized grip surface a nice upgrade. The ability to switch the buttons from left to right is a fantastic call for my left handed friends and the shape doesn’t seem to suffer from it.

    Several times during testing I wondered why there was an option to turn off both sides rather than turning them both on to provide extra buttons for more demanding games.  Possibly a limitation from the hardware only driver setup?  I also would have preferred to have the DPI on top to make select on the fly possible.


    Truly I liked the feel of the AZIO Atom much more than I expected.  AZIO seems to have avoided the awkward shapes some ambidextrous mice seem to have and provided a comfortable gaming experience.  The subtle lighting provided a nice accent with no distractions.  The addition of the hardware only configuration is a nice bonus.

    Overall I found the AZIO Atom to be a well-designed gaming mouse that would be successful for both left and right handed gamers without breaking the bank.  I can’t wait to see what AZIO does next for gamers!

    Good Things

    Comfortable light weight shape
    Great lighting
    Hardware configuration
    Ambidextrous design

    Bad Things

    Simple button implementation
    Placement of the DPI select
    Minimal side grip