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  • EVGA TORQ X10 Carbon Gaming Mouse Review
  • EVGA TORQ X10 Carbon Gaming Mouse Review


    Torq X10 Carbon Layout Continued

    From the back angle, the gap between the two top surfaces is more apparent above the buttons.   This is the default configuration as shipped.  The tapering of the back end is also very aggressive.   I wonder if this aggressive cut is required to accommodate the ambidextrous design.  A gap like this can be difficult to get used to if the space hits your hand in the wrong place. EVGA has nicely tapered all of the edges in an attempt to soften the lines.

    I don’t normally call out the cord in a mouse review but with the X10 I really must.  The USB cable, while not detachable, is a step above the cable found on even the top tier competitors. The 6 foot cable features silver coated wires and Nickle plated connectors to eliminate any signal degradation.

    The size of the X10 puts it in between the palm grip mice I am used to from ROCCAT and the claw grip style of my CM Storm Spawn.  This size can be customized as well using a unique system that allows you to adjust the height of the body.  Turning the star shaped screw in the back will raise or lower the top two surfaces about 7mm.  To nitpick a little, I would have preferred a more standard screw or even a tool less design as the small tool looks like it would disappear in my drawer. 

    I found the X10 to be most comfortable when fully up to create a more palm grip experience.  The size of the gap was initially worrying but after I settled in I didn’t even notice!  In fact, I would have the back surface extend to the sides more to provide a hair more support on the back but it’s well documented that I have longer hands.