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  • Patriot Viper V570 and RGB Mouse Pad Review
  • Patriot Viper V570 and RGB Mouse Pad Review


    Viper V570 RGB Gaming Mouse Software

    As with all drivers I downloaded the latest version directly from Patriot though no software was included in the box. We are testing using Version 1.2 and Firmware Version 5 (Gen2).  All of the screen shots were captured in default settings. Driver settings are stored in the onboard memory and can be backed up and restored

    The V570 software is divided into 5 major sections selectable across the top of the page: Buttons, Sensor, Macro Editor, Settings and Light Effect.

    Buttons is the default and allows you to program the 13 available buttons. Functions are split into 5 primary groups: Mouse Functions, Keyboard Functions, Advance Functions (like mouse sensor settings), Macros and Key Cycles. 

    I did find mapping a key to 3 taps to simulate burst in BF1 quite useful!

    Sensor provides access to the 4 DPI presets.  Defaults are 800, 1600 2400 and 3200 DPI. You can dial it up to 15,000 but I found 3200 a good fit for my FPS needs and dropped back to 1600 for most work. You can set the DPI to have independent X and Y axis settings if desired. Auto speed allows you to set a range based on the movement speed.  This is quite nice for my wide screens but still feels a bit unnatural.

    The Macro screen provides a pretty robust set of macro tools that can be stored in the mouse memory. Macros can be recorded and edited before assigning to a specific key. Each macro can be saved and shared.

    Settings gives access to the general settings and driver data. This is also where you can adjust USB polling and the OSD.

    Light Effects (not pictured) gives you the ability to customize each of the 7 lights across one of the preset options: Wave, Wave Invert, Random1, Random2 or Customize. Customize lets you select the individual light and choose a single color or a breathe effect.